Eye clinic K

Haacht, Belgium

The design of an ophthalmic practice is comprised of a series of new apartments. The practice itself consists of two single-story residential apartments that have been put together.

An analysis was made beforehand of use, flow of patients, and functions, and a circular movement was detected time and time again. A central middle block creates this flow and ensures a balanced distribution of patients during the consultations. The volume is equipped with variable functions, while the actual exam rooms are located at the back, with a view of the garden. In this way, the doctors' work is more pleasant. They can provide the room with natural daylight between the dark examinations.

The warm and natural material palette creates a relaxed atmosphere in a familiar setting. The linen-covered and rounded center block optimizes the acoustics of the room and creates a certain coziness, as well as a smooth flow. Walnut and beige limestone complete the earthy tones and contrast with darker and more ornate details in bronze.