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Huize Brem

Hasselt, Belgium
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Huize Brem is a modernist home in Hasselt, designed by architect Brauns. The stately corner building dates from 1933 and still exhibits the original and characteristic features of modernism during the interbellum period. The house is classified as a family home and will be reallocated as an art gallery, adjacent to a B&B. The current structure is retained, and the new functions are applied with an open mind and respect for the building.

Sober and simple interventions will increase the comfort of the guests. The new aesthetic of the rooms enters into a dialogue with the original architecture, and together they form a new whole with interesting contrasts. The addition of unique pieces of furniture and intriguing artworks by the owner enhance the contrast with the sober space and create a pleasant atmosphere with lots of light and space for the guests.

Project in progress.