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Dining table

The design for a new table was created by the need for a simple aesthetic with an honest construction. By duplicating all elements, the table has a stable basis and also a certain finesse. The simple idea to split the elements creates an honest and visible construction that is self-supporting, with a nod to the Japanese design method.

Metal details and leg casings stand in contrast with the naturally worked wood and give the whole design more durability. Deep and tactile patines on the metal form a dialogue with the brushed wood and tell a story about its use and its traces through time. The design is available in multiple realizations in terms of material and lengths. There are also the exclusive versions in natural stone and terrazzo.

Available at:
St. Vincents - Antwerp (BE)
Atelier Ecru - Ghent (BE)
Bazar Noir - Berlin (DE)
Garde shop - Los Angeles (US)
Studio Twentyseven - New York I Miami (US)

Images by Piet-Albert Goethals.