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VJ House

Westerlo, Belgium
2017 - in progress

For this new house, the entire interior was outlined as well as some proposals for the optimization of the architecture. This optimization consisted of creating a more timeless whole, which is logically translated from the interior into the architecture and layout of the façade. The relationship with the exterior is essential for the client and already present in the architecture proposal.

The interior is characterized by the strong contrasts between dark wood, pale walls, and the clouded concrete texture. The monochrome material pallet gives a cooler impression and is an extension of the architecture. This palette, combined with minimal design, forms the neutral frame for the vistas in the meadows.

The custom-made terrazzo with soft structure gives an extra layer to the design and is an abstraction of the concrete textures. Details in blackened steel translate into sharp lines throughout the woodwork and as the detachment between the other materialization.
The sliding walls of the fireplace in the living room disguise multiple functions for different occasions and offer the possibility to hide them and place the focus on the fireplace itself. The furniture continues in the office with a library, which was completely executed in dark, smoked oak, to create a dark atmosphere, separate from the salon.

The terrazzo becomes a primary material in the bathrooms, where the walk-in showers, fitted with skylights, are made entirely in this material. Adding linen to the master bathroom develops a more tactile approach to the design.