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VV Poolhouse

Leest, Belgium
2018 - in progress

A pool house came about from a comprehensive package of requirements and a clear vision of the client on the aesthetics. A rather rough and cool architecture, combined with weathered wooden planks.

To give the whole design uniformity, the plank pattern of the wooden walls continues in the architectural concrete construction. The deduplication of the back wall and the long lines that are created, ensure an elegant and compact basic space. The open nature of architecture was an important requirement and also forms a dialogue between the current home and the garden. In addition, security and warmth were also important, such as on cooler autumn evenings around, for example, the fireplace.

The adjoining terrace with outdoor shower forms the extension of the floor slab. The architectural elements are clearly readable separately and are literally an accumulation of each other. For example, the different floor materials are always provided with a different floor level, which creates extra volume and understanding of the function.