WBC 01

For Cremastone Spain
2017 - in progress

'Crema Elche' is a limestone with a refined, sandy texture and soft veining due to the earthy color nuances in the stone. The mining of this natural stone takes place in the Spanish hills around Abacete.

The washbasin was designed with the request to highlight the material properties and identity. Through various treatments, the tactile differences in texture and the resulting imperfections, mainly at the ends of the plates are characteristic of the natural stone.

This characteristic was used as a starting point for the further development of the furniture. The outside of the washbasin is rough, and the ragged edges form the transition to the smoothly sanded and honed inside. Because the transition is slightly beveled, this imperfection can be reduced to a fine line, and splashing water flows back to the sink. A tray in blackened steel creates contrast and very sharp lines in the whole design. The possible combinations with base cabinets mean that the furniture can be placed and used in multiple ways, without the need for additional interventions to the production.

Photos of production by Granigo.